International visitors

To the attention of visa applicants for Côte d’Ivoire: the only site officially recognized and approved by the State of Côte d’Ivoire for visa applications is that of SNEDAI (

Foreign nationals holding ordinary or official passports who wish to travel to Côte d’Ivoire are subject to biometric visa requirements *.

All foreigners entering the Côte d´Ivoire must have a valid national passport, laissez-passer or travel document containing at least a photograph of a holder, on which a biometric entry visa has been affixed in advance.

The biometric visa for entry in Côte d’Ivoire is either an ordinary or an official visa.

  • The ordinary visa is affixed in the ordinary passport.
  • The official visa is affixed in the diplomatic, service or official passport.

Whether ordinary or official, the biometric entry visa is, depending on the length of the stay:

  • A transit visa, which may not exceed three (03) days;
  • A short-stay visa, which may not exceed three (03) months;
  • A long-stay visa, which may not exceed one (01) year.

Similarly, the biometric entry visa is, depending on the reason for which it is requested:

  • A business visa;
  • A student visa;
  • A tourism and leisure visa;
  • A health and social affairs visa.

Biometric entry visas are issued mainly by diplomatic and consular representations abroad and, exceptionally, by traditional sites at Felix HOUPHOUET BOIGNY International Airport in Abidjan and at any other border post.

  • The biometric visa application may be obtained either at the Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire of the corresponding country or by Internet on the following website :
  • After registration and online payment of fees, an e. Biometric visa is issued either by email or on arrival at Abidjan airport


Standard procedure: Delivery of the e-visa online
BEFORE departure


Step 1: Pre-enrolment and Payment

Pre-registration consists of recording specific personal information and downloading 3 documents:

  • The passport identity page
  • Booking the flight ticket
  • The invitation letter or accommodation certificate.

After pre-enrolment, the applicant shall pay the fee for the Visa, which lasts 3 months (multiple entries) and amounts to 73 Euros (including bank charges).
Payment is made with a VISA CARD or MASTERCARD.
When payment is made, the applicant shall receive an instant email, (with an attachment on which the unique and personal payment certificate code is written)

N.B: Cases of non-enrolment online are exceptional and are the responsibility of the Territorial Surveillance Department (D.S.T.)

Step 2: Receipt of the DST response

The applicant shall receive a document (with a bar code) that is the authority’s response (approved or refused) to his or her e-mail address within 48 working days.

NB: The approved pre-enrolment document is valid for 3 months from the date of approval


Step 3: Enrolment at the airport

The applicant embarks with the “Pre-registration approved” document and arrives at the airport in the “Airport Visa” area. He or she completes his or her biometric enrolment there and the visa is printed and immediately issued. The E-visa enrolment boxes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

N.B :

  • Enrolment (fingerprinting and photography) is mandatory for each visa application, even if the applicant has already obtained several visas.
  • The biometric visa requires the presence of the applicant. Impressions are mandatory for all except minors under 12 years of age, but their presence is required.

Go to the official SNEDAI website to start your e-visa request



Standard procedure: Issuance of the issued e-visa
at the ARRIVAL at Félix Houphouët Boigny airport
of Abidjan


List of documents to be presented at the airport of Abidjan

1) The original receipt for payment of visa fees 73 Euros including bank charges;
2) The approval of the D.S.T. (pre-visa or disembarking permit);
3) The passport valid for a minimum of six months;
4) The international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever



NB : the applicant must print the payment receipt and the approval of the D.S.




Any foreigner must be able to present a valid visa or residence permit from Côte d’Ivoire* at any time upon request by the police.


You may obtain an invitation letter from the Universal Postal Union for the 27th Congress to be held in Abidjan from 10 to 28 August 2020.


This letter will help you in your efforts to obtain a VISA.


Please note that the embassy or consulate remains the only decision-maker in obtaining your visa and is your only contact for any additional questions.


CAUTION: The invitation letter is a document that simply allows you to obtain your VISA from the Embassy/Consulate of Côte d’Ivoire