The Congress

The Congress of the Universal Postal Union is the supreme authority of the institution. The representatives of the 192 member countries meet every four (4) years.


The main objective of the Congress is to define a four (4) years global postal strategy.


During three weeks, the participating member countries discuss policy, strategy and development issues regarding the postal sector worldwide.


Throughout the congress, arguments and discussions are conducted to consensually define, the rules that will govern future international mail exchanges logistics management for the next four years.


Since its creation, the UPU has organized 26 Congresses in different member countries, including only one, precisely the 10th, on the African continent. It was in Egypt in 1934.


At the 26th Congress held from September 20 to October 7, 2016, in Istanbul, Turkey, Côte d’Ivoire was selected to host the 27th Congress to be held from August 09 to 27, 2021in Abidjan, its capital city. This is a historic event that all of Africa is proud to host under the theme “Africa invites you, Côte d’Ivoire welcomes you”.


At this Congress, postal decision-makers from around the world will gather to define the future of the sector.


At the end of the Congress in 2021, Côte d’Ivoire, the host country, will chair the Council of the Universal Postal Union from 2021 to 2024.