The challenges of the congress


for a continent, a region, and a country

The 27th World Postal Congress represents, not only for the host country, for West Africa but XX for XX the entire African continent, an exceptional economic and strategic opportunity. A whole continent, united around the same vision of postal development, must seize this opportunity to strengthen its position within this United Nations body, to benefit more from the resolutions that will be adopted and to actively participate in the world postal strategy elaboration for the 2021 – 2024 period.


For Côte d’Ivoire, the host country, and for the President of the Republic His Excellency Alassane OUATTARA, the 27th UPU Congress crowns a series of international events brilliantly organized in Côte d’Ivoire, such as the European-African Heads of State Summit held in Abidjan in November 2017 or the 8th Jeux de la Francophonie held in Abidjan in July 2017. Ivorian authorities are confident that the success of this event will consolidate Côte d’Ivoire’s repositioning and influence on the international scene.


Africa invites you, Côte d’Ivoire welcomes you: this slogan is an invitation to the 54 African countries to take ownership of this historic Congress to be held on their continent.


For la Poste de Côte d’Ivoire, the operator, the Universal Postal Congress to be held in Abidjan in 2021 represents an important milestone. Reduced for a longtime to the traditional mailbox service for mail distribution in Africa, La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire intends to change and aims to become a real logistical tool at the service of the population, just like posts in the Western world. La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire intends to draw inspiration from several economic models in countries where the post office plays an important economic role and represents a real cross-cutting tool offering comprehensive services ranging from traditional mail distribution to the development of urban logistics, to the provision of digital solutions and e-commerce to banking services supported by new information and communication technologies.


To this end, the Ministry of Digital Economy and of Postal Services, in collaboration with La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire, has initiated a revitalizing process of the postal sector. This process is arranged around two (2) innovative projects:

  • Creation of a postal agency called “The Post Office of the Future”,
  • Implementation of the West African e-commerce platform called ecom@Africa.


The “Post Office of the Future” is a project that aims to build an agency with the main mission of promoting digital inclusion and providing modern and innovative postal and financial services. It will be a real showcase for the emergence of African Postal Services in general and that of La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire in particular.


The ecom@Africa project is an initiative of the Universal Postal Union that aims to hasten the development of e-commerce through the postal network. This project includes, among other things, the construction of a national express logistics center in the airport area. It reflects the Universal Postal Union’s commitment to raising the postal network as one of the main catalysts for e-commerce in Africa, based on an integrated, inclusive and innovative ecosystem composed of selected postal operators.

For the implementation of this regional project, Côte d’Ivoire has been chosen by the Universal Postal Union to become the e-commerce hub for West Africa. To ensure effective implementation of this project and guarantee its success, construction of a modern and high-capacity logistics platform is essential. It will help to secure the packages received, consolidate them and ensure redistribution in the sub-region. This future National Postal Sorting Centre will be built in the airport area over a surface area of ten (10) Acres. This institution must meet the requirements of the Universal Postal Union in terms of easy access and quality of service.