Main activities of the Congress

The Universal Postal Union Congress is organized around several key events:

  • The opening ceremony of the ordinary proceedings of the Congress, which shall result in:
    • Assessing the results of the strategy previously adopted in Istanbul called “Istanbul World Postal Strategy 2017 – 2020”);
    • Making decisions on issues related to the UPU reform and finalizing the draft Product Integration Plan, the Integrated Remuneration Plan, and the Social Security Fund, etc.)
  • The ministerial conference, which provides a forum for addressing at the highest level the major issues related to the development of the postal sector and the integration of technological innovations into postal activity.
  • The development of Abidjan’s world postal strategy, which will be unveiled at the end of the work of the plenipotentiaries, which will last three (3) weeks.
  • The renewal of the UPU’s governing bodies whose mandates expire in 2020.
    These include, in particular:

    • The election of a new Director-General of the UPU International Bureau
    • The election of a new Deputy Director-General of the International Bureau of
      the UPU


At the end of the 2020 Congress, Côte d’Ivoire will be designated to chair the UPU Council of Administration for four (04) years from 2021 to 2024. The work of the congress will also include:

  • The election of the Board of Directors (BoD) chairman and the Chairmen of the various Technical Commissions of the Board
  • The election of the President of the CEP and the Presidents of the various technical commissions of the CEP


The UPU Congress is purely technical. However, the organizational strategy requires that delegates be offered a series of entertainment activities in addition to the reflection work. Within this framework, several activities are designed and articulated as follows:

  • Lunches, coffee breaks and evenings sponsored by UPU member countries wishing to promote their country, their culture and their Post Office;
  • Tourist excursions in the different regions of Côte d’Ivoire and to the seaside resorts to introduce delegates to this rich country with a thousand contrasts;
  • The cultural diversity of African countries;
  • Lunches and dinners organized by the host country and culinary exploration of Côte d’Ivoire;
  • Boat tours on the Ebrié lagoon located in the heart of the main city, Abidjan;
  • The African village bringing together all the cultures of African countries, members of
    the UPU.


We invite you to visit the “visits and excursions” and “the African village” sections to obtain more information on the tourist and entertainment program offered by the host country.